Weekly Announcements



After months of planning, the BKNW Melave Malka will take place this Motzei Shabbos at the Sephardic Temple, beginning at 8:00pm.  Please see here for the event flyer. We look forward to greeting you there. 

Special thank you to the Committee Members, Reut Berkowitz, Shani Butler, Rachel Frogel and Miri Stern, for their tireless efforts in planning this event.




Candle Lighting: 5:21pm

Erev Shabbos Mincha: 5:25pm
Shacharis Hashkama: 7:20am
Shacharis Main Minyan: 9:00am

Sof Zman Krias Shema: 9:22am

Early Mincha: 4:10pm

Daf Yomi Shiur: 4:30pm
Mincha: 5:15pm

Ma'ariv: 6:16pm
Shabbos Ends: 6:22pm

Weekday Mincha/Ma'ariv: 5:30pm


Additional Laining of Parchas Zachor:

Immediately following Davening and again at 11:45am 




Mazal tov to Leah & Gedaliah Wielgus upon the birth of a baby boy, born earlier this week. Mazal tov to big siblings Dovi and Yosef as well as to th extended Wielgus and Gluck families. May Leah, Gedalia and their families derive a great deal of nachas from this new addition as well as continued nachas from Dovi and Yosef. 

The Shalom Zachor will take place this evening at the Weilgus home (785 Flanders) beginning at 8:15pm.  




This Shabbos, BKNW and the North Woodmere community has the honor and pleasure of hosting Rabbi Shmuel Braun.  Rabbi Braun seamlessly melds chassidus, philosophy, mysticism and many other varied areas of knowledge and we highly recommend that everyone take advantage of this opportunity to hear and learn from this unique speaker.  Please see here for a full listing of events over the course of Shabbos. 

Special thank you to the sponsors who made this program possible.

* Anonymous for a refuah sheleima for Sara Freida bas Chaya 

* Lauren & Michael Gewirtz 

* Judith & Michael Grushko 

* Amy & Jordan Hiller 

* Alisa & Dovid Lasky, L'ilu Nishmas Chaim Naftali ben Yaakov Shlomo and L'zechus a Refuah Sheleima for Sara Freida bas Chaya   




This week's Friday Night Chaburah will be given by Rabbi Shmuel Braun at the Cohen home (807 Vandam) beginning at 8:45pm.  Thank you to Eric and Elana Cohen for hosting. 

If you would like to give or host a future chaburah, please contact Gavri Butler.             




The Youth Department is still in need of families willing to host youth groups and other youth related events while the shul is under construction. If you are willing and able to host events regularly or occasionally, please contact Nissan. 


1. Youth Groups will take place as the following locations, beginning at 9:30am. 

* Groups for pre-school boys will take place at the Sinnreich home (599 Nutley).  As per our previous email, this group is by signup only.  For more information or to sign up, please contact Nissan.

* Groups for boys (1st-3rd grade) will take place at the Berkowitz home (626 Coulfax).

* Groups for girls will take place at the Klein home (761 Daniel Street)

Please remember to pick up your children immediately following davening. 

Thank you very much to the Berkowitz, Klein and Sinnreich families for opening up their homes for groups. We are still looking for homes to host groups on a rotational basis.


2. NO Motzei Shabbos Father-Child Learning Program this week.  The program will resume next week .  If you would like to sponsor a future learning program, please contact Nissan at or (718) 578-9802


3. Fundraising Raffle: The Youth Department is drawing to a close. The drawing will take place at the Purim Carnival on February 25th. Please see HERE for additional information. To purchase tickets, please email or call/text (718) 578-9802.  Please contact Nissan with any questions. 


4. BKNW Youth Purim Carnival will take place this Sunday, February 25, 2018, from 2:30pm - 5:15pm at the Yeshiva of South Shore. If you would like to or sponsor the event, please contact Nissan. 


5. Purim & Ice Cream: Rabbi Nissan and his family invite all the BKNW youth (including high school) to stop by their home on Purim day for Ice Cream and Mishloach Manos, courtesy of the BKNW Youth Department.  


6. Upcoming Events: Upcoming events will include Father-Child Friday Night Oneg;  JHS Friday Night Oneg for Girls;  Pre-school Shabbos Party;  1st-2nd Grade Shabbos Party;  3rd-5th Grade Game Night;  JHS trips;  Chanukah Party;  Annual Purim Carnival (February 25 2018).  If you would like to help plan, host or sponsor any of these events, please contact Nissan at or (718) 578-9802. 




This week's Shalosh Seudos is sponsored by the Schachter family, l'zecher nishmas Avi's father, Chanoch Henoch ben Chaim A'H whose yartzeit is the 11th of Adar. May his neshama have an aliya. 




Special thank you to the Mishloach Manos Committee Members. Reut Berkowitz, Rena Chill, Elana Fleksher, Shia Langer and Gabby Winkler. 




All are invited to attend the BKNW Purim Party, hosted by the Kupfer family, on Purim day from 11:00am to 1:00pm (727 Hillcrest Place.)   There will be a hot milchig buffet and excellent entertainment for children, including clowns, face painting, and a magic show.  If you would like to make or buy something for the party, please sign up by following this LINK

Please note:  BKNW does not endorse or guarantee the kashrus of any homemade goods.  A sign will be posted at the party with the names of the persons who prepared each homemade item.




Once again, the shul will be organizing a matza order from Shatzer matza. The matza will be available for pickup in North Woodmere with a tentative date of March 25.  All those who place orders will receive further details as we approach Pesach. Please click here for matza pricing and to place an order. If you have an questions please contact Dov Brenner at or at 718-757-9234.



The Young Israel of North Woodmere is proud to introduce a new weekly Monday Night Lecture Series. Please see here for more details. 




The Vaad HaKashrus of the Five Towns is trying to raise funds to cover their shortfalls. The Vaad is requesting a $25 contribution per family. Funds should be given to the shul, earmarked for the Vaad.  



Baruch Hashem, the BKNW family continues to grow at an exponential rate. We would like to make sure that our members' Simchas are appropriately recognized in a timely fashion, but to do that we ask of you the following: If you are celebrating a birth, bar or bat mitzvah, engagement, wedding, or other joyous occasion, please contact Scott Farrell ( and Avi Katz ( the week of your Simcha, so that it can be included in the announcements. ​It would also be helpful to list in your email the name and (correct) spelling of your spouse, your children and family names as appropriate, for inclusion in the announcements so mistakes are not made. Thank you for your help in keeping us in the loop concerning your simcha!



Sponsorship opportunities are available for Rabbi Lebowitz's daf yomi shiurim. Sponsor for a daf, a perek or an entire masechta at the cost of $54 per daf. Please email if you would like to sponsor a shiur.



For a D'var Torah on the Parsha, please see HERE


To purchase Gourmet Glatt Dollars, please contact Yael Eisenberg or visit the Donations page on the shul website. By entering the shopping website via the links on the shul website, a percentage of all dollars spent will be paid back to the shul. The link can be found HERE.



Fri, February 23 2018 8 Adar 5778