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What is BKNW BOWL X?

It is an elaborate interactive team trivia game. It covers a wide range of topics and multiple question styles. There is something for everyone regardless of interest or skill level. There is a diverse range of question styles, so every participant will see a game that appeals to them. The game includes both a live host and a multimedia accompaniment.


When is BKNW BOWL X?

BKNW BOWL X is March 18 at 8:30 p.m.


Where is BKNW BOWL X?

BKNW BOWL VIII is at the Sephardic Temple at 775 Branch Blvd., Cedarhurst NY.


What are the hours of BKNW BOWL X?

Registration is open at 8:30 pm and the game starts promptly at 9:00 pm.


Will there be food at BKNW BOWL X?

YES! There will be an open bar available the entire night. Between each round there will be a full buffet dinner (meat). Following the game, and before winners are announced, there will be a buffet dessert. Come hungry!


Will there prizes for the winning table?

YES! We have wonderful prizes for each player on the first and second place winning teams.


Who do I write my check to?

All checks are made out to BKNW (Beis HaKnesses of North Woodmere) and a portion of your entrance fee is tax deductible.


Are reservations transferable?

Yes. If you want to transfer your purchase to another individual you must contact the Committee to change your reservation. Just please be aware that you have a table/team and that the person replacing you may have to sit at your table/team.


Can I bring a baby/child?

No. The ambience does not lend itself to small children. The music and sound bits can be loud.


Can I purchase raffle tickets and my admission at the door?

Sure. But wouldn’t you rather you enjoy some cocktails and hors d'oeuvres, socializing and perusing the raffles instead of worrying about all that technical stuff?

Can I purchase raffle tickets and make reservations via phone? Yup. Feel free to call Rachel at 646-549-7332 to call in orders, but why not just take care of all that on our handy dandy website?!?


Can I be a corporate sponsor of BKNW BOWL X?

Yes!  Please contact Dov Brenner at  Family sponsorship is open until the night of the event. We thank you for your interest!


I purchased raffle tickets but can not attend the event, how do I receive my package if I win?

We will call you if you are a winner and make arrangements to either drop your prize at your house or mail it to you.


I made my reservation, but now I can't attend the event, can I get a refund?

Unfortunately we cannot offer refunds for admissions. You can however give/sell the reservation to someone, just keep in mind that more than likely whomever takes your reservation is also taking your spot on your team.


Will there be parking at the event?

There are plenty of spots in the adjacent parking lot and on the blocks around the shul. There is no valet.


Can I purchase the BKNW BOWL X Game after the event?

Anything is possible. Call Rachel to discuss.


I know the show has sold out, but can I get just one more ticket?

Unfortunately we cannot sell more tickets than the space can handle.

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